The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Feb 14, 2014

Meaning of Illustrious

adjective: illustrious
  1. 1.
    well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.
    "his illustrious predecessor"

Jan 12, 2014

Pre Existed before birth

Re existing on earth

Always afflicted of your worth

It’s always twisted once UN-earthed

When eternity has ran its course, history repeats

Systems are our only vital force, Everyone has a purpose on the spreadsheet

De ja vous is when you always go back and forth, sometimes leaves you feeling bittersweet

Actions lead us in life, when reasoning is our source, all while the wisest observe and keep it discreet.
---Illustrious Da Poet 01/2014

Jan 7, 2014



You make me feel so amazing


We shooting stars

Every minute is like comets blazing


Sky watchers watching us, repertoire

We love beyond earth

Star struck

Exploring close to the heavens

You’re the chapter, I’m the verse

Diving through the galaxies, moonstruck

Orbiting with no end

Captain of my spacecraft

The love frontier

Exploring deeper deeper than space

Invested in some time draft

Sailing the universe in light years

By passing asteroids by geometric pace

Romantic lunar mission

‘’Houston’’ we would never have a problem

Because we keep it extra-terrestrial real

Even the satellites could never catch our expedition

Moon gliding, feeling awesome

Sparkles in these stars gives you looks that can kill

Our gravitational pull, much stronger than matter

NASA classifies us as exploding galaxies, embodied stretched in spiral motions

Out here, apocalypse is dead to the universe

Every star we wish on, becomes scattered

Devoted in an preconceived notion

Every desire that you crave becomes emotionally immerse

Let’s love like the first and last quarter of the moon phase

And spend eternity lasting longer, longer than earth days

Dec 2013 illustriousdapoet™