The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Oct 16, 2010


by Nancy Illustrious Silfort on Friday, May 28, 2010 at 3:57pm
He say that im a choosey lover
I just wanna discover the real u underneath that dust cover
Underneath those microscopic lens cover
Better yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, underneath the bed covers
He say a good opportunity may miss me
Cuz my standards are high enough and it may diss me
But I said, if its really meant to be
Then it will be,,,,,,,,,
If its really meant for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh well then it will be
Im not just being picky I just knw what I want
For what I want, I’ll just go out and haunt
And if he’s what I like, best believe I will flaunt
My standard supports all of my womanly needs
So if I lower it down, it might be a mislead
Which can end up in a misdeed?
I wanna make sure I don’t regret,,,,,,,,,,, all of what,,,,,I,,,,I,, I concede
If its u I choose
I promise to savor all thoughts like Langston Hughes
If it’s a mutual feeling, then let’s go and pursue
I promise baby, my verbs will neva eva bruise u or misuse u
Im lookin, im lookin, oh my GOD where is he??
Im up high in a coconut tree
Trying to see how far I can see
In search for my long lost KING
Nah, ill pass, at this dude dats so egotistical
Oh well, hes just another statistical
He also said im just too logical
And I said nah, bra, im just too atypical
Satisfaction guaranteed ,,,,If,,,, I get exactly what I need
Please, please like nikki manaj, no sesame seeds
Lets catch a ride at full speed,
sit back, relax ,smell the breeze and lets precede, bcuz u got sumthin dat I,,, I,,, I need
I don’t want that one,,,,, hes a lil bit too insecure
And sometimes he makes me feel like hes, quite unsure
And now naturally, he descended from being my ultimate fixture
I like sum one that’s mature,,, and forever I I I , he will endure
Treat me like an effing queen , and place designer cushion on my throne
Need me like ur dialysis machine , or like da baddest bitch u eva known
Dat chick that can make ur mind blown
where u at,, son ,??? cuz I wanna be in UR ZONE
I cant get that one , cuz he been all over da world
Twirling and twisting every girls curls
I wouldn’t even allow him to tounge lock my pearl
Dude even played,,,,,, one of my friend girl
Then there’s this one, whos MIA ing on his kids
That’s one thing from a man,,, I dreadfully forbid
It’s a good chance what he did
To his kids, may replay on my kid, and I aint got time for no misleading shit
Then theres those,,, in da closet brothas
Under da next nigga dick, in which he love to be smothered
Fucking his motherfucker
Then come at u tryin to slang booty dick like no other, sorry son ,, I cant fuck with a down low brotha
I need a real man dats real enough to do right for me
Who put me on the pedestal as if I am his only and forever lasting Queen
Always clean, even with his feet ,
Satisfy my every need with out I being the requestee
And only live faithfully to only please to keep me extremely happy
U see, ima bit old school
Can’t be played too many times, I cannot be considered a damn fool
I rather choose,, choose
The one that treats me like a precious jewel
I like em handsome, and maintain all of his possessions pretty neat
And when were out to dinner, automatically he’ll pull out my seat
He can be thugged out , but mentally , he can be pretty sweet
And if REAL love involved,,, I will make sure our foundation is reinforced and concrete
REAL recognize REAL, I will knw cuz my heart will tell me
And my mind will show me
And my soul will provide to me
It is me that’s so fucking choosey
Cuz dats what it really takes to satisfy my ,, my,, my every need

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