The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Oct 16, 2010

keep it on replay

He say he can feel my pain
u see,,, dats the type of shit that drives me insane
he seem to knw when I worry , cuz I don’t complain
and his soul, it’s a bit mundane
he’s a unique nigga that can truly read my heart
he always seem to hit the right spot when eva he shoots his dart
our souls cant maintain whenever we are apart
he can predict my sunshine,, like a meteorologist reading from a weather chart
oh shit that cupid bite ,,, do really sting
after we got caught up ,,,nude ,,,right in the thermal spring
hes now my king , on my right wing
he been told me that itll be more that just a fling
when he speak , we have a substantial conversation
shit neva gets oblique, cuz his love releases all of my frustrations
and u can tell that he neva gets vexed by any type temptations
cuz he says im the only one that have him in deep fascination
he say a QUEEN should neva work, cuz her job is in the home
next to his throne
and when ever I feel ill, he’ll feed me some sea Holm
and if I wanna sneak sum time with him, he definitely gets rid of Tyrone
when he’s around, I swear I can hear my wind chimes
singing to me in a poetic rhyme s
he knows that it gets me all the time
and mos defenitly I aint lying
have u eva had a dream dats so clear as day??
Have u eva had ur questions answered , soon after u prayed??
Have u eva had a regular day, for no reason ,, u get surprised, with a rose bouquet ???
I have,, im in love with this nigga, and im a keep it on replay
keep it on replay
keep it on replay
keep it on replay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
by illustrious 05.2010

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