The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Oct 16, 2010

trials and tribulations

I’ve been thru trials and tribulations
I’ve been thru them dark holes in rough situations
At times I wish my heart would sleep with painless constipation
Hoping to run into that damn light, with no fucking hesitation
But my pride kept me up, and my god was my strength
Personally I’m saved, just by being a lil bit diligent
Acknowledging him at all times, like splash where did my problems went
He came thru at all-time, like splash, Where did my problems went?
I’ve been thru my paychecks, after rent im left with one cent
Digging deep holes in my purse and only finding one mint
I’ve been thru times, of just day dreaming all day
Of better times that it should be just better than yesterday
I mailed my prayers last Friday
He sent my blessings on Sunday
And told me on Monday
To keep my head up
That he will guide my way thru out the week day
I’ve been thru times of many loss
I lost my best friend and my estranged pops
All though I barely knew him but that unconditional love could never stop
I’ve been thru times of backstabbing friends
Even been thru a phase of unfaithful men
I even been betrayed by my next to kin
And still I overcame that, god been
Told me that I could win
I’ve been thru times broke down of the side of the road
I’ve been thru times admitting that I have a heavy load
Its too much to handle and all my sheets are very soaked
And thought the only one who listens was the words in my notes
I’ve been thru times just hating this bull shit ass life
I’ve been thru times of dreaming of this never ending strife
Then I took one look at my son and he gave me one smile
Realizing that he’s my blessings all a while
I’ve been thru trials and trials again
I even made those backstabbing friends my friends again
I even tried to change the minds of those unfaithful men
Only to learn that my god is my realist friend
I’ve been thru times when I thought I just could smoke my problems away just like the morning noon mist
Rollover the next morning still havin to deal with the same shit
Started to lose my patience, started to think the my prayers was being considered only as a wish
But then he came thru again
And again
And again,,, just by me being a tad bit diligent
Written by illustrious 09

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