The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Nov 5, 2010

Choose he the higher power,

I’m on the Inside ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Looking Outside
Watching,,, the whole world collide
Underneath the thundering skies ,currently,,,  Darfur Genocide
Haiti’s always on T.V yall, I thought revolution would not be televised
While Brazil is defined as the nation’s largest under aged sex paradise
Healthcare crisis, Child transvestites
While pimps manage to deceive overdeveloped minors under the city night lights
Natural disasters, budget cuts,, and don’t forget the anti Christ
Child soldiers with their blanket to their left and their Battle Rifle to their right
South China braces for deadly typhoons
When almost every night seems like the full phase of the moon
Biological warfare sprinkle from meteorological balloons
Freedom is declining yall, so stay tune
Police brutality
Fucked up world of Illuminati’s
Crack head babies, screaming mommy don’t turn ur back to me
HIV and GUN violence goes head to head on these city streets
While abortions are advertising on yellow pages sheets
Earthquakes and tsunamis
His religion say honor the Lord, and surpass the ammunition
While Cholera killing my people,, due to lack of sanitary condition
And they got the nerve to post that shit like it’s a fucking art exhibition
We need a peace requisition
Better yet an intermission
There’s nuclear nonproliferation, that place us in fucked up situations
Human-enhanced ‘natural disasters
Living in a world of counterfeit pastors
While revelations is taken its place a lil bit faster
No inspiration for the convicted
They have no options but to recommit
They cutting down on work permits
Crying recession, so us black folks would stop trying and say fuck that shit
Finally Global Disaster Forecast Tonight,,,, Partly cloudy, with a chance of anti-human shit
Humidity levels are on the rise
While the media are telling us global warming lies
Many places across the U.S.A broke record highs
While the old natural citizen’s folks cant afford Medicare, so they just sit aside,,,,,,,,,,,,And wait to die
BP says oil has stopped leaking
For how long tho, cuz it seems like they are using unmediated techniques,,, and
Wide spread triple-digit epidemics reaching its highest peak,,, and
We gotta find tranquility, and so I bespeak
This life here is beyond the darkest times
While innocent children are fatal bystanders from these streets crimes
I want to shock and disturb ur mind so u can see the truth with in these equator lines
There's No Justice in the World
The revelation banner has been unfurled
It’s hidden in the headlines, im not ur only papergirl
Stimulate ur mind, spread the word,, avoid feeding ur soul crap  that’s too absurd
Mark of the beast has come amongst us with microchips
Choose he the higher power, so when chaos goes, we will sail away in his merchant ship
Choose he the higher power, so when chaos goes, we will sail away in his merchant ship
Choose he the higher power, so when chaos goes, we will sail away in his merchant ship

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