The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Nov 18, 2010


I AM KNOCKING GOD. And please answer your door
Let me in ,, like u have before
This road has become too much to bore
On ur front porch god its worth standing for
I have fallen, and no one is here to pick me up
Sometimes I feel like the devil has his ways to set me up
Im in thirst for ur love, please pour it in my cup
I will not rest until its filled all the way up
No one is here to wipe my tears
No one is here to lend both ears
Trials and tribulations has reappear
And I need you to appear and remain near
No shoulders what so ever to lean on,
I need u to come on
And shine ur light upon
Here on  and forever on
I AM KNOCKING GOD, I see u in there
Answer ur door, and come up off of ur chair
I need you to rid all of my despair
Walk on air,, wear and tear what ever u do I NEED U HERE
Please push aside the curtains so I can see ur faith
I need u right now and not yesterday
Not tomorrow, I need u today
Right this minute I say
I AM KNOCKING GOD, and I can feel u in there
I have no choice but to be here
Give me sum  strength so I can be better prepared
This thing called life has taken its share
I AM KNOCKING GOD, and I can hear you
Is this what I gotta go thru
Just to be closer to you
U know me and I definitely know you
I AM KNOCKING GOD, and im about to break in
Its time for my remission of sins
I need u desperately, in my soul ,, deep with in
No need to speak god, im here to take what u have for me to mend

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