The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Nov 22, 2010


U was too young son to throw ur hat in the ring
Fighting like a soldier ,with everything to conquer anything
U contravene, although they kept you quarantined
25 years, and then pouf then  your gone
Now, how am I suppose to move on
Now tell me how the show is suppose to go on
When it still remain dark in the mist of the dawn
2009 the fifth day, of the seventh
While I watch u smile and struggle your heart beginning to  leaven
U left and caught the grey hound right straight to heaven
wishing that you can win the battle once again
Or Be born again
With Your loss we will forever suffer your royal pain
I’m not gonna just keep you mentally alive
As if you’re an archive
I admired your strife
You were larger than life
I still pray for you at bedtime
I still wish I could of giving you some of my enzyme
And maybe you might have had a longer lifetime
At least you would of been here at this point of time
Every body has their time god needed an angel and it was u that had to go
He needed a commando to guard heavens chateaux
I will still look for you in the clouds after the rain in the rainbow shadow
And keep my hellos in my pocket until we meet again tomorrow

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