The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Oct 16, 2010

keep it on replay

He say he can feel my pain
u see,,, dats the type of shit that drives me insane
he seem to knw when I worry , cuz I don’t complain
and his soul, it’s a bit mundane
he’s a unique nigga that can truly read my heart
he always seem to hit the right spot when eva he shoots his dart
our souls cant maintain whenever we are apart
he can predict my sunshine,, like a meteorologist reading from a weather chart
oh shit that cupid bite ,,, do really sting
after we got caught up ,,,nude ,,,right in the thermal spring
hes now my king , on my right wing
he been told me that itll be more that just a fling
when he speak , we have a substantial conversation
shit neva gets oblique, cuz his love releases all of my frustrations
and u can tell that he neva gets vexed by any type temptations
cuz he says im the only one that have him in deep fascination
he say a QUEEN should neva work, cuz her job is in the home
next to his throne
and when ever I feel ill, he’ll feed me some sea Holm
and if I wanna sneak sum time with him, he definitely gets rid of Tyrone
when he’s around, I swear I can hear my wind chimes
singing to me in a poetic rhyme s
he knows that it gets me all the time
and mos defenitly I aint lying
have u eva had a dream dats so clear as day??
Have u eva had ur questions answered , soon after u prayed??
Have u eva had a regular day, for no reason ,, u get surprised, with a rose bouquet ???
I have,, im in love with this nigga, and im a keep it on replay
keep it on replay
keep it on replay
keep it on replay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
by illustrious 05.2010


What’s better than sex
That makes your tongue reflex
While expressing all of your interests
Of your feelings that explodes in your nerves’ from your ineptness
Of your soul that your mind and soul just cannot control
Just cant no longer with hold
The utterance of your heart that when it speaks it makes you climax
To the highest impact
That makes your toes and eyes roll back
And the hairs on your back, stands up, just like that,,,,
When my mind don’t direct my heart to write
I can feel my insides ready to put up a fight
It keeps me up all night,
tossing and turning, oh for my pen, I’m painfully yearning
In my mind I’m blowing up like a dynamite
My paper is like my crack
And my pen is like my pipe
My poetry speaks nothing but facts
When my words are like the ultimate fight
And at the same time my style is very sultry
I’ve got to admit I’m addicted to poetry
Or is poetry addicted to me
Because I stay in desperate need
Like a bounded slave,, crying to be set free
Like an over due baby in the womb
Like the anxious
Jesus being held in the tomb
I just write when sometimes it don’t pertains to whom
Give me some more papers because I’m running out of room
I’m running out of room and I gotta express how I feel
that’s the only way that I know I can keep It real
I’ve got to admit I’m addicted to poetry
Or is poetry addicted to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
By: illustrious 09

keep ur slip on

Because his wife lied
And told him to eat the sweet berry pies
He became hook and she remained his resuplier
She is the one that added fuel to the fire
Made all his desires, conspire hotter than the wild fire
He became debilitated she became his medicine
And never not one time he hesitated to dip into her love and while their bliss transcends
Turns to fighting with the bitter end
Oh, don’t blame that woman for all of the cause
Because, u had a chance to stop and take a pause
Although she was pretty, but her kitty was pity, and still u didn’t take a pause , u drained her in as she leaked on u like a soaked gauze
Sorry now I cant cry u a river
No I cant lend u a liver
Because she was marked with the curse that shines so bright like silver
All the wise knew about her history,,, in the neighborhood
She was like a contaminated wind, that blows no one any good
And u started to drift away like a lonely driftwood, and fell for the scent that flows from her contagious firewood
The fool never laugh last
The hungry never pas gas
And the outcast always seems to overcast
She didn’t have a firearm
In fact, it doesn’t mean she was unarm
No one could tell, cuz they were fascinated with her ill charm
While u grieve, she had another affliction conceive
She bereaved Steve, who was deceived by her full lace front weave
And had a ass that was plunk like two ripe cherries that made all the niggas go naive
U can stop it, by just strapping it, before u let bygones be bygones
U don’t wanna be another story on the AIDS marathon
So my message is to always keep ur slip on


The goddess of poetry
No not ERATO! The poetic daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne
I share dreams and intuitions thru expressions of written poetry
And replenish spoken words like Egyptian antiquities
Whose dignity was given by queen Nefatari
And Queen of Kemet, who was honored by the Ramsees that ruled the bare land of the African safari
The Macedonia Haitian empress
Perfectly designed by gods most famous sculptress
Only to serve one purpose in life, not for beauty but as an influential poetess
She whose presence that seems to illuminate others hearts
Only with her natural essence she’s inspired by many near or far
Whose pride was granted by queen Makeda, the queen of Sheba
Who reclaimed that black beauty is a blessing from the motherland AFRICA,
Who likes to use her ears for vision
And only need one case of ink as fuel to take u on a private mission
She who is mentally and socially divine by life’s unpredictable manifestations
She who only need a ball point ink and paper to start a quick intellectual masturbation
Followed by a warm concentration
Who clangs on history and memory lanes
She who is able to distinguish the realest from the lames, the cans and the cants
Who sometimes like to kick on some 4 inch heels, sit back and be real
And expect her nigga to still conquer her royalty after stumbling several hills
A mother raising a man
I teach him to shake after u pee and put that dick back in ur pants
I preach to him to cherish every bitch with a part in her pants as if she is that QUEEN straight from the motherland
Who’s different from all the others
the number one poetic motherfucker



Illustrious da Poet

Oh Haiti don’t cry

Through the bloody fields
entwined around the dead bodies
We soon no longer hear the cries
We soon can no longer feel the tries
Thru Haiti’s cries that’s slowly shedding onto sighs
The air is filled with vacant reverberations
Due to all of our lost they say it’s a voodoo castration
That left us impaired according to the nation
Now tell me,,, will they maintain to heal us as foreign inpatients
Or will they get impatient, and say again, GO BACK U DAMN HAITIANS
My name illustrious and this is just an ILLUSTRATION
What is this world is cumin to?
If not now u betta START keeping ur psalms behind u and ur book of revelations in front of u
Cuz u will never knw when its ur time when god will call upon u
I can imagine the death stench
That mimics that passed souls, in the atmosphere inch by inch
I wasn’t there, so I can only cry you a lip synch
lost daughters
lost sons
in da streets with guns
lost mothers
whose hearts has been smothered
with pain that’s worse than a heartbreak
that pierces its soul, stinging harder than the bite of a cobra snake
lost fathers
who lost daughters, and can no longer be able to call upon her
lost kin’s
lost friends
we mourn every death
for every breathe,,,,,,,
that we take
and HAITI U have not been forsaken
oh Haiti don’t cry
im still here by your side
and when our time comes, we will again see our sunshine
oh Haiti don’t cry
im still here by your side
and when our time comes, we will again see our sunshine
oh Haiti don’t cry
im still here by your side
And when our time comes, we will again see our sunshine
Haiti,, I want to lend u my veins
So that way your blood will run thru every Puerto prince city lane
I’m not trying to be very poetic
But thinking bout this shit in Haiti just give me headache
My insides feel intoxicating thinking of when they will stop and leaves us to fend for our self
No pots to piss in, not even a foundation to put this history on the shelf
We no longer have our capital city everything has been diminished
But not too long tho, well soon began to refinish
Haiti, I wanna be ur vocal chords so each of u can be clearly heard
Haiti, I wanna be ur eyes just incase shit just get a lil blurred
Haiti, I wanna take ur throbbing painz and place them on my shoulders
Haiti, I wanna be ur strength to sustain all of ur weaknesses, I’ll be ur holder
Hait,, god hasn’t forgotten about u down here
He’s giving us more strength cuz We have lived and recited every living human being fears
Our scattered bones will help rebuilt our authorities
This will come easy cuz we work harder than the American Priorities
it our time to reach our dreams
With a piece of the American dream,
01.18.2010 the earth gave birth again
to Puerto Prince
This was a creation that had to be known like Jesus birth, long since
Puerto Prince I pray for u
PĂ©tionville I pray for u
Delmas I pray for u
Thomassin I pray for u
Carrefour I pray for u
Haiti I pray for u
Our ashes has been embedded with in the earths core
So we can always be remembered like washed up seashells on the ocean shore
This is a way of how god systematically called us in a horrible type of genocide
So he can have one thousand angels at one time call for all to be his side
Oh Haiti don’t cry
im still here by your side
And when our time comes, we will again see our sunshine
Oh Haiti don’t cry
im still here by your side
And when our time comes, we will again see our sunshine

trials and tribulations

I’ve been thru trials and tribulations
I’ve been thru them dark holes in rough situations
At times I wish my heart would sleep with painless constipation
Hoping to run into that damn light, with no fucking hesitation
But my pride kept me up, and my god was my strength
Personally I’m saved, just by being a lil bit diligent
Acknowledging him at all times, like splash where did my problems went
He came thru at all-time, like splash, Where did my problems went?
I’ve been thru my paychecks, after rent im left with one cent
Digging deep holes in my purse and only finding one mint
I’ve been thru times, of just day dreaming all day
Of better times that it should be just better than yesterday
I mailed my prayers last Friday
He sent my blessings on Sunday
And told me on Monday
To keep my head up
That he will guide my way thru out the week day
I’ve been thru times of many loss
I lost my best friend and my estranged pops
All though I barely knew him but that unconditional love could never stop
I’ve been thru times of backstabbing friends
Even been thru a phase of unfaithful men
I even been betrayed by my next to kin
And still I overcame that, god been
Told me that I could win
I’ve been thru times broke down of the side of the road
I’ve been thru times admitting that I have a heavy load
Its too much to handle and all my sheets are very soaked
And thought the only one who listens was the words in my notes
I’ve been thru times just hating this bull shit ass life
I’ve been thru times of dreaming of this never ending strife
Then I took one look at my son and he gave me one smile
Realizing that he’s my blessings all a while
I’ve been thru trials and trials again
I even made those backstabbing friends my friends again
I even tried to change the minds of those unfaithful men
Only to learn that my god is my realist friend
I’ve been thru times when I thought I just could smoke my problems away just like the morning noon mist
Rollover the next morning still havin to deal with the same shit
Started to lose my patience, started to think the my prayers was being considered only as a wish
But then he came thru again
And again
And again,,, just by me being a tad bit diligent
Written by illustrious 09


by Nancy Illustrious Silfort on Friday, May 28, 2010 at 3:57pm
He say that im a choosey lover
I just wanna discover the real u underneath that dust cover
Underneath those microscopic lens cover
Better yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, underneath the bed covers
He say a good opportunity may miss me
Cuz my standards are high enough and it may diss me
But I said, if its really meant to be
Then it will be,,,,,,,,,
If its really meant for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh well then it will be
Im not just being picky I just knw what I want
For what I want, I’ll just go out and haunt
And if he’s what I like, best believe I will flaunt
My standard supports all of my womanly needs
So if I lower it down, it might be a mislead
Which can end up in a misdeed?
I wanna make sure I don’t regret,,,,,,,,,,, all of what,,,,,I,,,,I,, I concede
If its u I choose
I promise to savor all thoughts like Langston Hughes
If it’s a mutual feeling, then let’s go and pursue
I promise baby, my verbs will neva eva bruise u or misuse u
Im lookin, im lookin, oh my GOD where is he??
Im up high in a coconut tree
Trying to see how far I can see
In search for my long lost KING
Nah, ill pass, at this dude dats so egotistical
Oh well, hes just another statistical
He also said im just too logical
And I said nah, bra, im just too atypical
Satisfaction guaranteed ,,,,If,,,, I get exactly what I need
Please, please like nikki manaj, no sesame seeds
Lets catch a ride at full speed,
sit back, relax ,smell the breeze and lets precede, bcuz u got sumthin dat I,,, I,,, I need
I don’t want that one,,,,, hes a lil bit too insecure
And sometimes he makes me feel like hes, quite unsure
And now naturally, he descended from being my ultimate fixture
I like sum one that’s mature,,, and forever I I I , he will endure
Treat me like an effing queen , and place designer cushion on my throne
Need me like ur dialysis machine , or like da baddest bitch u eva known
Dat chick that can make ur mind blown
where u at,, son ,??? cuz I wanna be in UR ZONE
I cant get that one , cuz he been all over da world
Twirling and twisting every girls curls
I wouldn’t even allow him to tounge lock my pearl
Dude even played,,,,,, one of my friend girl
Then there’s this one, whos MIA ing on his kids
That’s one thing from a man,,, I dreadfully forbid
It’s a good chance what he did
To his kids, may replay on my kid, and I aint got time for no misleading shit
Then theres those,,, in da closet brothas
Under da next nigga dick, in which he love to be smothered
Fucking his motherfucker
Then come at u tryin to slang booty dick like no other, sorry son ,, I cant fuck with a down low brotha
I need a real man dats real enough to do right for me
Who put me on the pedestal as if I am his only and forever lasting Queen
Always clean, even with his feet ,
Satisfy my every need with out I being the requestee
And only live faithfully to only please to keep me extremely happy
U see, ima bit old school
Can’t be played too many times, I cannot be considered a damn fool
I rather choose,, choose
The one that treats me like a precious jewel
I like em handsome, and maintain all of his possessions pretty neat
And when were out to dinner, automatically he’ll pull out my seat
He can be thugged out , but mentally , he can be pretty sweet
And if REAL love involved,,, I will make sure our foundation is reinforced and concrete
REAL recognize REAL, I will knw cuz my heart will tell me
And my mind will show me
And my soul will provide to me
It is me that’s so fucking choosey
Cuz dats what it really takes to satisfy my ,, my,, my every need