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Showing posts from November 5, 2010

Choose he the higher power,

I’m on the Inside ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Looking Outside
Watching,,, the whole world collide
Underneath the thundering skies ,currently,,,  Darfur Genocide
Haiti’s always on T.V yall, I thought revolution would not be televised
While Brazil is defined as the nation’s largest under aged sex paradise
Healthcare crisis, Child transvestites
While pimps manage to deceive overdeveloped minors under the city night lights
Natural disasters, budget cuts,, and don’t forget the anti Christ
Child soldiers with their blanket to their left and their Battle Rifle to their right
South China braces for deadly typhoons
When almost every night seems like the full phase of the moon
Biological warfare sprinkle from meteorological balloons
Freedom is declining yall, so stay tune
Police brutality
Fucked up world of Illuminati’s
Crack head babies, screaming mommy don’t turn ur back to me
HIV and GUN violence goes head to head on these city streets
While abortions are advertising on yellow pages sheets
Earthquakes and…