The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Mar 2, 2011

no longer in deep fascination

I taste his bud, and its bitter than honey
I felt his love, its Witter than money
Where is the sweet
Oh, that’s all I really need
Damn, there’s no more cherries
for me to pick from his tree
My sweet
is aching in pain
My sweet boo
Has no more sugar to maintain
My boat is just floating
I’m shifting gently away in the ocean
In search for that sweet, honeyed, delicious potion
I gotta get away,
I gotta go astray
because the sugar coated passion
No longer lives here today
My soul can no longer live a dreamy infatuation
My heart says that I’m no longer in deep fascination
This attraction
has grown tedious, and no longer have me in deep captivation
Just no longer exist
And you just cant resist
Excuse me, I’ll request to be dismiss
My future with no sweet, will grow into a surmise
I’m no longer weak,
and you’re no longer sweet
Our soul no longer burn with desire
Your love no longer glow in sweet fire
Let me go, set me free
Because our allure is no longer serene
I rather walk off, than to sit here and dream
Dream of hot caramel, mixed in my ice cream
Dream of chocolate sensations that I would love to dive in
Dream of fondness  fudge that I wouldn’t mind dipping my life in
Cant get to my sweets,
I’m good, and I deserve my treats
I don’t wanna sit here and dream
Its no longer saccharine
Your no longer sweet, you’ve grown to be too sour
I’m suffering by the minute, and dying by the hour
His sourness is too bitter and not sweet enough  for me, You know what I mean?
His skittles are no longer sweet as yellow lemon drops
Its no longer colorful as the rainbow when the rain stops
His love no longer have me flock to his honey comb
My taste don’t crave for him, even when he’s not home

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