The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Mar 2, 2011

Oooh the scent of his cologne

Oooh the scent of his cologne
Use to Makes my backbone, tremble like a trombone
While I use to catch the shivers in my jawbone
When he use to Whisper in my ears, better yet in monotone,
Use to make my heart always feel like its in a mist of a cyclone
He use to restrain my dignity better yet my whole world
He use to make my secrets unfurl
And made my mind whirl
He made it known that im not  just his only girl,
He use to stroke my natural hair
While I rest my daily stress on the armchair
With my boy shorts and T shirt on the bed just ready to wear
He use to have my whole night prepared
Made my pillows extra fluffy just to keep away all the nightmares
He use to Makes me play dress up which always caused us to go nowhere
He use to make my moon shine, bright , like a bemas headlight,
To guide me by after the stormy night
He was far from a neophyte
He made me to become a parasite
I started needing him  more, he became part of my appetite
Besides, his bark was absolutely not worse than his sweet bite
Within the twinkle in his eyes
I use to  see myself thru the apple of his eye
I use to  burned myself by the luv from his heart that feel so, electrified
And his luv, I swear, I still couldn’t even identify
He use to show me and Tell me how deep is my hot spot
We use to bet if he can  hit it in 2 units per each kilowatt
He use to stroke my essences and pull out al the knots
He use to get me hot , hot like a teapot
He use to blow me kisses so I can chase it thru the dandelion meadows
And underneath the sun
We use to play hit or misses so we can interlace it while u roar like a lion in its own shadows
And underneath the sun
He made me shine like a lost diamond in the rubble
I swear he made me feel gullible like a floating bubble

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