The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Jun 9, 2011

Letter to my son

Letter to my son
Before I start let me say that everyday a new day has begun
The church bells has rung
Hurry up and catch ur blessings be desperate enough as if ur starring down the barrel of a loaded gun
I bite my nails out nervousness
Worrying about what I am making u to become, I may not be sure of this
I’m eager to keep u from falling into the deep deadly abyss
To avoid u becoming a lost soul that only dreams of eternal bliss
 Hoping that when u gets older u deliberate on my life messages and reminisce
That’s my life time ambition
Baby keep ur eyes on ur # 1 main goal
I refuse to let u become another lost soul
But im not going to stop here hope u know
When u want something in life, don’t give half, give it ur whole
I can’t guide u for everything u go thru, that’s beyond my control
Always remember that god wills always follow u down that rugged road
What ever road that u choose bring a jacket just incase it gets cold
Never doubt urself and ever think u cant
Because a man who can’t will never be more than an applicant
Be better than that and avoid becoming a victim of bad circumstance
Choose ur friends wisely and ur woman wiser
Before u part her legs make sure that ur heart has analyzed her
Oh, there are trials and tribulations in this life that will hit u hotter than a steaming geyser
When u find urself surrounded by haters keep it moving and put on ur protected visor
When ever u loose ur path take another look at the northern star
Opportunities may not knock, so always keep ur mind ajar
 Let ur intellectuality be ur weapon of choice to defeat this never ending war
Don’t ever forget the mother who made who u are
                                                Sincerely Ur striving mother

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