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Showing posts from February 7, 2011


Use my blood as ink to write u this letter
Use my eyes so I can see u better
Use my feet to guide me thru this weather
Use my ears so I can hear u better
He says im going thru sum changes
When in fact changes done went and came
He said there’s gonna be sum down ranges, and test ranges
When indeed it was ,,,,,a totally different ball game
I sometimes searched for him, thru the pages of my book
I sometimes read his verses; too see if I would really get hooked
He tested me thru the hardest times, and proves to me my greatest strength
Bad times turned into sweet rhymes, just by me loving GOD in greatest lengths
Real friends lasted, Fake friends faded
God love always outlast it, he always sends me blessings as if im D” WADE’IN it
----------this one is not done, just a thought