The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Mar 2, 2011

Lust just walked out MY Door.
My man says I aint got much time for him
He say he’s running off with that lil cute slim Jim
He say What we have here, it aint nothing to think
It was More like a fling, cuz his smile just made my lil girl wink
He say I could stay, so he can leave to his destiny
He’s probably think im broken, but im kinda happy that he’s the one to leave
His lust was the only thing, that drove me ecstatic
I was bound to fall out of lust with, shit, that there is automatic
I cant let  him see me, I cant let him see the glares in my eyes
My dimples piercing in, oh I cant let him see the smirk in my smile
Although his dick was so traumatizing, but his mind went only a square mile, and that was not hypnotizing’
A man can be like a book, and take you different places
Make you feel good like a book, and give you different tastes
But if his lust just go as far as the bedroom, that sure make me feel like my time has wasted
Instead of giving it away, I feel like my was time taken
I like it when a man makes me wet, from the words he whispers in my ears
Or when he let our minds just jet, from this world that’s  bringing me tears
You see, I know that im not that type of a regular girl
I just love when a sensible, astounding man, that speak realis’m, shit that just rock my world
I just like it when you can speak your mind and he’s on the same exact level
Everybody needs to let their mind feast, for a healthy relationship that’ll show be helpful
He say hes running off and taken off my shackles
He say he still love me, and he don’t want any hassles
You simple minded nigga, hurry up and be on your merry way, Simple minded nigga, you just don’t know that you’re one dimensional
Got a mind of nuts and bolts, baby, you’re not communicational
Everybody says that im too  difficult cuz my Level of Intelligence, Is so impossible
So Implausible,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                Too imaginable
                I just like it a lil sweet, and a lil bit comprehendible
He say What we have here, it aint nothing to think
It was More like a fling, cuz his smile just made my lil girl wink
He say I could stay, so he can leave to his destiny
He’s probably think im broken, but im kinda happy that he’s the one to leave,,,,,,

Oooh the scent of his cologne

Oooh the scent of his cologne
Use to Makes my backbone, tremble like a trombone
While I use to catch the shivers in my jawbone
When he use to Whisper in my ears, better yet in monotone,
Use to make my heart always feel like its in a mist of a cyclone
He use to restrain my dignity better yet my whole world
He use to make my secrets unfurl
And made my mind whirl
He made it known that im not  just his only girl,
He use to stroke my natural hair
While I rest my daily stress on the armchair
With my boy shorts and T shirt on the bed just ready to wear
He use to have my whole night prepared
Made my pillows extra fluffy just to keep away all the nightmares
He use to Makes me play dress up which always caused us to go nowhere
He use to make my moon shine, bright , like a bemas headlight,
To guide me by after the stormy night
He was far from a neophyte
He made me to become a parasite
I started needing him  more, he became part of my appetite
Besides, his bark was absolutely not worse than his sweet bite
Within the twinkle in his eyes
I use to  see myself thru the apple of his eye
I use to  burned myself by the luv from his heart that feel so, electrified
And his luv, I swear, I still couldn’t even identify
He use to show me and Tell me how deep is my hot spot
We use to bet if he can  hit it in 2 units per each kilowatt
He use to stroke my essences and pull out al the knots
He use to get me hot , hot like a teapot
He use to blow me kisses so I can chase it thru the dandelion meadows
And underneath the sun
We use to play hit or misses so we can interlace it while u roar like a lion in its own shadows
And underneath the sun
He made me shine like a lost diamond in the rubble
I swear he made me feel gullible like a floating bubble

no longer in deep fascination

I taste his bud, and its bitter than honey
I felt his love, its Witter than money
Where is the sweet
Oh, that’s all I really need
Damn, there’s no more cherries
for me to pick from his tree
My sweet
is aching in pain
My sweet boo
Has no more sugar to maintain
My boat is just floating
I’m shifting gently away in the ocean
In search for that sweet, honeyed, delicious potion
I gotta get away,
I gotta go astray
because the sugar coated passion
No longer lives here today
My soul can no longer live a dreamy infatuation
My heart says that I’m no longer in deep fascination
This attraction
has grown tedious, and no longer have me in deep captivation
Just no longer exist
And you just cant resist
Excuse me, I’ll request to be dismiss
My future with no sweet, will grow into a surmise
I’m no longer weak,
and you’re no longer sweet
Our soul no longer burn with desire
Your love no longer glow in sweet fire
Let me go, set me free
Because our allure is no longer serene
I rather walk off, than to sit here and dream
Dream of hot caramel, mixed in my ice cream
Dream of chocolate sensations that I would love to dive in
Dream of fondness  fudge that I wouldn’t mind dipping my life in
Cant get to my sweets,
I’m good, and I deserve my treats
I don’t wanna sit here and dream
Its no longer saccharine
Your no longer sweet, you’ve grown to be too sour
I’m suffering by the minute, and dying by the hour
His sourness is too bitter and not sweet enough  for me, You know what I mean?
His skittles are no longer sweet as yellow lemon drops
Its no longer colorful as the rainbow when the rain stops
His love no longer have me flock to his honey comb
My taste don’t crave for him, even when he’s not home