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Showing posts from March 8, 2011
Press fast forward, fuk it, to the next episode I wouldn’t even spend a dime on it, even bootleg downloads These streets is like an infected lymph node That’s waiting to be explode Only Sundays is when EVERY hethen just wanna bein CHURCH MODE How do u suppose,,,, For real, be real with ur self And,,, Ladies,,, get ur crown from shelf And tell that man that u sure do love thyself More than love itself I mean isn’t it suppose to be like that? What else If u dint agree, u can use a little self help Ladies should lead, and her man shall follow And tend to ur needs, like an Oracle of Apollo His love should never make ur heart feel hallow Or like, when ur mind wonders, like, “where’s Geraldo?”
It use to feel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, like Like priceless childhood fantasies Like intoxicated daydreams’ Like a fairytale’s prettiest theme Giggling while sharing a scoop of ice-cream So I guess life aint sometimes what it seem to be And sometimes shit aint what ur heart foresees I guess some people can’t detect QUALITY like DirecTV