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Showing posts from April 11, 2011

I teach him ( just thoughts)

I teach some manners I teach him how to act
I say,, U can make it happened, u ur own enchanter, I teach him the right path
No need to slang, and go out and gang bang, cuz mommy holding it down
No need for dick slanging,,,, fuck only with the females that deserves a crown
Search for knowledge and not for the jewels
Gotta spend sum time in college, cuz mommy aint raising no fool
He got the look in his eyes, that he can even be PRESIDENT one day
I tell him never to tell ur heart lies, u can conquer anything once it comes ur way
I give him the rules and sit aside until he breaks it
I give him the tools and sit aside until he takes it
I tell him the truth so he will never have to fake it