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Local poet Will “Da Real One” gunned down in North Miami

Spoken-word poet Willie Lee Bell, a.k.a. Will Da Real One, gunned down in front of Miami poetry cafeA well-known and respected spoken word poet was gunned down early Sunday as he was closing up his Miami area coffee shop and poetry lounge, cops said. Willie Lee Bell Jr., 47, who performed as "Will Da Real One," was shot several times at around 12:40 a.m. in the parking lot of the Literary Café and Poetry Lounge in North Miami. Several patrons who were outside the café at the time told cops that Bell was walking to his car when a vehicle pulled up next to him and a man in the passenger seat opened fire. Bell died at the scene, emergency responders said. Police were stumped for a motive because the killers didn't take any money or jewelry off Bell. The killing shocked members of the spoken-word community, who said Bell was an advocate for abused woman and promoted a "drama-free" policy at the lounge, which he opened in 2003. WATCH WILL DA REAL ONE PEFORM BELOW "Eve…

Ah u alone mi want

Ah u alone mi want
An mi nah gon let u go
Mi nah share with no otha gal
Nah share with no tha gal

Every time I wake up, im always thinking of u
When u call im all caked up, it’s just the thing that u do
I’m mad this minute u make me smile the next
I have to admit ur persona has got me perplexed
But every guy in this world, wan be mi man
Its only one with authority u got the mic stand
U can be my sergeant and I can be the soldier
Better yet my husband, I just wanna hold ya
I say “never to put me down I really like it way up here”
Bitches stand back, hands down, we nah need musketeers
He says “wine me down like u wana give up everything”
I say “im a do it like Im a demand for everything”
I say “who am I”? he say “u my right wing”
“u the only gal in this world that can make mi heart sing”

Girl:“baby please don’t diss me, u know ive been dissed enough”
Boy: “don’t worry baby, and ur dealing with the real stuff”
Girl:“I’m a stick around even when times get tough”
Boy: “Ur my sunshine, this couldn’t…