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Letter to my son

Letter to my son Before I start let me say that everyday a new day has begun The church bells has rung Hurry up and catch ur blessings be desperate enough as if ur starring down the barrel of a loaded gun I bite my nails out nervousness Worrying about what I am making u to become, I may not be sure of this I’m eager to keep u from falling into the deep deadly abyss To avoid u becoming a lost soul that only dreams of eternal bliss Hoping that when u gets older u deliberate on my life messages and reminisce That’s my life time ambition Baby keep ur eyes on ur # 1 main goal EDUCATION I refuse to let u become another lost soul FRUSTRATION But im not going to stop here hope u know MOTIVATION When u want something in life, don’t give half, give it ur whole I can’t guide u for everything u go thru, that’s beyond my control Always remember that god wills always follow u down that rugged road What ever road that u choose bring a jacket just incase it gets cold Never doubt urself and ever think u cant Becau…