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Showing posts from June 25, 2011

I’m soo in love and I will not get out

I’m soo in love and I can’t get out U got me higher than cloud nine, beyond any doubt My senses becomes numb, each time in your presence With ur graceful hugs, u squeeze the true beauty right out of my essence If I tell u I don’t think of u each day, then its worth a thousand lies I must not be ashamed to show u my love, if I am, then I must be chastised Ur face is the last I see, in my dreams Beholding quixotic themes That replays memories, Turn into realities I’ve found my treasure, finally I’ve caught my breathe No longer living with bitterness, feels good to get it off of my chest Lead me into the wilderness, as I put my assurance in you U have bought life into me, more like a marvelous breakthrough I want to sleep saturated in your magnificent passion Hoping and wishing that it ill forever be everlasting In the break of dawn I run through the fog, thinking I’ve just seen ur face Then I caught my self, embracing an empty space I knew u was here, cuz ur breathe blew me a breeze There u go a…