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Time is ticking

TIC TOC ,,,,,,,,,,,,,TIC TOC

Time is ticking on the clock

Two by two, as we march in Noah’s replicated ark

Two by two’s he’s taking them,,,,,,,,,,,, do u know where u are?

He says he’s not gonna divide them by,,,,,,,just any,,, religion

But to remind u, he’s making a ,,,,,,,,,,,,two by two ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,decision

Let me dissect u mentally with out any incisions

U see miracles happens with just one, true to life vision

Hard times on earth aint nothing compares

to what that man have right up them stairs

Live your life to the fullest and go farther than the mesosphere

Send me back a meteorite, so I can tell them, hell yeah, “U WAS HERE!”

Celebrate your life because there’s an after party afterwards

Where all sins are erased, feeling free, singing “im like a bird”

Wash away grudges along with the dirty clothes

Put aside things that glitters and watch how GOD will make you naturally glow

Tell your enemies that you love them, and give them a peck on the cheeks

Always keep your love …