The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Dec 12, 2012

Love is

Love is definetly irresistible

to max you avoid sleeping because reality is high quality and much better than your dreams

Love is never miserable

as a matter of fact, is one of those real life day dreams but more extreme

Love don’t live off of time

because its battery never runs out

Love sound like a beautiful melody, more like a wind-chime

love sings and never shouts

love embraces and never grab

love takes deep dips and never double dab

Love is in reality and never dress in disguised

Love is the truth from his lips and its eminently embedded in his eyes

Love is as real as REAL can get

and not an inch of love is considered as counterfeit

Love manifests in the deepest passion

pertruding to grow more into an unconditional attraction

Love touches you deep inside, love never make u feel so hollow

Love lead the heart and then the mind follow

love is worthwhile with each and every heart beat

Love still get you excited still jumping out of your seat

Love is ahead of the game, and not in the game

Love stays the same and or appear in greatness even when situational circumstances change

Love gets u higher than weed

Love makes u cry in hunger just to let ur heart feed

Love hate to be liked

Because everything that love do is magnificently right

Love makes roses blossoms even within the deepest and driest roots

Love doesnt have a stray bullet love knows when and who to shoot

Love understands

There is no obstacle big enough that love cannot withstand

Love just want to be loved

Love is something i could never get enough of








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