The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Jan 12, 2013


x marks the spot

the setting, my place, lights dimmed

fire started flickering on the candle wax, since u walked in

you and i lost in our secluded moment

few words was exchanged, got to the point just to make our time well spent

how do you like my black laced neglagae?

well, fuck it baby, its coming off, anyways

Eat as if you have never been feed, baby suppers ready

there’s no reason to rush in the bed, lets just take it steady

work your way from bottom to top

each and every angle on my axis, wishing this moment will never stop

i coiled myself around ur steering wheel, on the driver side

hips thrusting in motion while u lick and fondled my breast till my nipples came alive

we were moaning to our favorite song

then i thought hold up, one second, the radio aint even on

we caught an orgasm

u make my clit spasm

burning in passion

baby u had me possessed like enthusiasm

i sat back and watch her squeeze

shes feeling sweet, so please proceed

baby i gotta tell u that your dick is defenetly a rigid tool you may want to youtube it,

so these lame ass cats could be schooled,,,,,, by it

love it when u elaborate in me

clitoris started moving to her own beat

u explored every peak, every valley ,x marks the spot u discovered my treasure

u knew exactly what ive been yearning for, complete pleasure

your tongue swirls in every direction, feels like warm satin silk

eager to feel your erection working that thang as if your highly skilled

sweat and sex just filled the room

distilling my chanel #5 perfume

in between time we started sippin on some sizzurps,

manually,,,,, legs opened up like some,,,,, scissors

round one, two, three, four, five

u see thats what u get for making my nipples come alive

kissing you blindly i swear i can feel our souls elevate through silence we amplify our love with out even uttering a word, but the noise of the bed against the wall shake,, ing

even after writing this poem, there cant ever be another re,,,making

in the break of dawn we rose with the morning sun

interlacing each other, breathless,,,,we have,,,, become one.