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Shhhh, don’t keep it on the down low

down low men is gradually becoming a disgrace of humans issue

Its contradicting because society may not make it real easy for you
some down low men, are simply confused
involving other lives just to be simply misused
to the down low guys hiding behind the fury balls of shame
stop hiding behind the pole pretending to be one thing in day, and at night ur calling his name
whats done in the dark, will gleam in the light when truth unfolds
be real with urself, its only right, its not a secret that should remain untold
i apologize for ur imperfect life, thats so fucked up ur not willing urself be real with others,
think of avoiding dangerous consequences, ur life, and how u can mislead another
jumping from her pussy to his dick and rotate
u may not acknowledge it, now ur living life of self hate
its wrong to paint a picture of a strong and honorable lady’s man on the out side, but on the inside, ur more colorful than Picasso
its not right deceiving them, , and expect a clap clap and a b…