The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Oct 16, 2010

keep ur slip on

Because his wife lied
And told him to eat the sweet berry pies
He became hook and she remained his resuplier
She is the one that added fuel to the fire
Made all his desires, conspire hotter than the wild fire
He became debilitated she became his medicine
And never not one time he hesitated to dip into her love and while their bliss transcends
Turns to fighting with the bitter end
Oh, don’t blame that woman for all of the cause
Because, u had a chance to stop and take a pause
Although she was pretty, but her kitty was pity, and still u didn’t take a pause , u drained her in as she leaked on u like a soaked gauze
Sorry now I cant cry u a river
No I cant lend u a liver
Because she was marked with the curse that shines so bright like silver
All the wise knew about her history,,, in the neighborhood
She was like a contaminated wind, that blows no one any good
And u started to drift away like a lonely driftwood, and fell for the scent that flows from her contagious firewood
The fool never laugh last
The hungry never pas gas
And the outcast always seems to overcast
She didn’t have a firearm
In fact, it doesn’t mean she was unarm
No one could tell, cuz they were fascinated with her ill charm
While u grieve, she had another affliction conceive
She bereaved Steve, who was deceived by her full lace front weave
And had a ass that was plunk like two ripe cherries that made all the niggas go naive
U can stop it, by just strapping it, before u let bygones be bygones
U don’t wanna be another story on the AIDS marathon
So my message is to always keep ur slip on

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