Feb 17, 2020

BIPOLAR By:illustrious 2011©

I use to stare at ur shadow
Just watching how ur aurora would glow
Now their just flicks of memories though
I wish I could have them back,,,, so
I caress ur pictures as if u were here after before
As if u never let ur heart beat out that front door
I wish I could have them back,,,, like a crack Fein wanting some more
We was here together but our mind was offshore
Couldn’t keep asking myself  questions that I never had the answer for,, so I ,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Pretend,,,,,,,, as if im painting my own fairytale
Dropped my seven dwarfs, cuz I thought , I thought I knew u well
Tried to make it heaven when u made it rain hell
i even tried to paint gloss on it, when u made it pastel
I knew it had to be a time for words of farewell
Parts of me want to escape and turn back the hands of time
Just to spend more time
 With you in this lifetime
During good times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,our love use to sing like wind chimes
But other times seems like silent mimes,, and I
I use to stare at ur shadow
Just watching how ur aurora would glow
Now their just flicks of memories though
Then again I don’t think I would want them back,,,, soooo

Feb 16, 2020

Violin Strings

Pin image
Pin image
I am the strings he plays on a violin
 I dance with him at night with no beat 
And every chance I get with him,
 I sweep him off of his feet 
Make him moonwalk on clouds
 but make it feel so concrete
 I wanna promise you no mistreat,
 I wanna be you’re elite
 I wanna engage so we can make our ends meet 

Feb 7, 2020

Loving Myself

They say, with time it heals all wounds
Sometimes, it’s the place where grace just enters you
Damaged goods, callous scar tissues
Singing the blues, while nurturing my bruise
Leading with logic and not with my heart on my sleeves
My heart can disappoint me, but my mind perceives
Self-determination was part of the healing
Pain is human, but I learned that being true to myself is quite appealing
I am my own primary priority
Started with Me, Morally
I had to dig a little to find her
In silence, I can hear her affirmations whisper
Mending myself, transforming
Honey attract flies, because they swarming
Loving myself first, watching my blessings fall in place
I have a story to tell, make room in your book case