The Illustrious One

The Illustrious One

Sep 25, 2013

Platinum Coated- Poem on Female Genital Mutilation

Mama took me for a walk today

Who would have thought, our malicious ancestors nature would have ripped my childhood away

To my left, the village women were dancing and prancing

To my right, Daddy’s was on top of the hill glancing, and chanting

The walk felt at ease at first           

Suddenly, that joyful feeling ceased down to the worst

as we Slowly approached the village circumcist

Better known as the despicable vagina botanist

Wicked old lady is what I called her, with wrinkles deeper than my ancestor’s family tree

Eyes deeply pierced, cataracts indulged, ‘’mama how could you trust her with me?’’

She hobbled, with her dirt stained index finger, leaned on her thirsty lips

She said, ‘’Hush now, only a coward would cry’’ then quickly held a gripped hold of my fragile hips

Grabbing her dingy Ethiopian dress out of the way, for comfort

Stripping me waist down just left me with only my shirt

Restraining me, as if I’m a fugitive on the run

If I was made aware of this barbaric nature, I would have definitely run

Slouching over on my arms and legs, applying pressure, spreading my knees further apart               

With each slice, as if she was painting with a box cutter in my gutter, with each it stabbed my heart

I would never wish this pain on my worst enemy

I would never forget that bloody board, with my remains, left out to dry like raw meat

‘’Mama, am I discriminated and punished from being born in the likeness of Gods image?’’

‘’Mama, why do I have to be tortured for the right of passage, and a cultural linkage?’’

‘’Mama, I am limited to Live, Love and be Free’’

How many have read the verdict before me?

Guess my cries wasn’t loud enough for God to hear

Indulged in excruciating pain, don’t think even an exorcist can bear

Now I am traumatized for life

I am reminded physically and psychologically, knowing she endorsed my unforgiving stripes taking away my womanly rights

Throwing parts of my soul into the Nile River

Stealing parts of my God given gift, as if she was the ULTIMATE giver

‘’Mama you say, I am a woman now, but my existence has been torn away’’

Sprinkling salt on my wounds, legs bound felt like I have died again and again, today


For many centuries women has suffered due to old ancient traditions overflowing with ignorance and lack of education. Join me in bounding our voices to put a complete STOP, to Female Genital Mutilation. –Illustrious Da Poet Sept 2013

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